Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My first Blog

Hi all,
My name is Anthony Benjamin Hain, i am 20 years old and love chess. i have been playing chess since i was 4 years old. I am a Stylistically aggresive player and love taking risks. In this blog i hope to show you some of my games and other ideas primarially to do with attacking chess. Feel free to give your imput on my blogs as i would be glad to see what others think.
Although i am currently rated around 1500 my recent performances should, come september, should skyrocket that up much higher. I am currently on a 7 game win streak in the mcc open and malitis memorial. 
I also teach chess to others with chess kids.  
Enough about me, lets get on with chess.
My favourite topics are gambits, sacrifices and poisoned pawns, so ill have a look at some of them over the next few weeks, in particular the najdorf sicilian has been added to my repertoire and i now know it very well due to hours upon hours of study on it.
My next post will include my game against Richard Voon in a poisioned pawn Najdorf, and i will discuss some of the complications that arise in the opening.

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